Practice Areas

Aerobatic operations are to be conducted per 91.303.  The first two links below provide general guidance to non-waivered airspace northwest of the Denver Airport that do not conflict with Class B or Victor Airways. 

IAC Chapter 12 has an Aerobatic Practice Area (APA) waiver in place for Fort Morgan (FMM) for IAC Chapter 12 pilots for operations from surface to 4,000 AGL in the defined APA airspace at FMM.  This waiver must be activated per the posted instuctions by IAC Chapter 12 pilots.  Contact Duncan Koerbel if you are a first time activater.  All PILOTS MUST sign the FBO registar EACH TIME they activate the waiver and use the airspace. Duncan can be reached at 720 250 8442 or Duncindevner [at]