2018 Dues - Please Support the Club

Dear IAC Chapter 12 Members - Please take a moment and pay your 2018 dues.  They are only $25.00 - 50 cents a week.There is a lot of good things happening!

  • We will hold the annual holiday celebration February 3,2018 at Jon and Julia Apfelbaums house in Erie.
  • We submitted .a bid to hold the IAC West Open Championship and won! The competition will be in June 1-3, 2018 at Fort Morgan (FMM).
  • 2018 Judges School will be March 24 & 25, 2018 – at MSU Denver.
  • We establish a permanent box at Fort Morgan in 2016 and we ‘rent’ the space each  year for the markers.We need to re-up the contract with the land owner this August.
  • In addition to the West Open Championship in June we will hold a second contest at Sterling July 13-15, 2018
  • We  support IAC Chapter 5 and they will hold thier annual contest in Lamar  October.5-7
  • We also recently reached out to MSU Denver’s new President Janine Davidson to see how IAC Chapter 12 can help build MSU Denver's Aviation and Aerospace Sciences brand. Stay tuned for more information.

There’s lots going on so we invite you to get involved and support the club - 50 cents a week .  6 gallons of Avgas!

Click on the Membership tab and do it on line or send a check as noted in the tab.

Thank you