EAA Air Venture Parking and Event Information from Doug Lovell

Mike Heuer, Trish Deimer, Lorrie Penner, and many others are hard at work making a special 70th anniversary Pitts Special event at IAC and Air Venture this year.
Find information about IAC Aerobatic Aircraft arrivals and parking at https://www.iac.org/pitts-70th-anniversary-airventure especially those who registered their Pitts for the Pitts 70.
IAC Board members will be on hand throughout the week.  The IAC building and Vicki Cruse Pavilion are newly renovated, freshly painted with better access and more openings at the front of the building.  Margo Chase and Lynn Bowes have organized new merchandise and displays.  National flying and non-flying award trophies past and present will be on view together with a 70th anniversary history of the Pitts, including a replica of the original Pitts welded tube frame and many photographs.  A huge number of Pitts and other aerobatic airplanes will be parked in front for all to see and appreciate.
Members can join for dinner at the EAA Nature Center on Friday, July 24th -- 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm
Please share the news, especially the parking information.