Advanced Judges School


Sunday, April 15, 2012 - 09:00 to 17:00
Location: Western Air Flight Academy, Broomfield CO
Instructor: DJ Molny (djmolny [at] (subject: Advanced%20Judges%20School) (email)), 303-619-4814

Course Description

This one-day seminar is a more in depth session than what is covered in the 2nd day Recurrency portion of the Introductory school. It is aimed at previously certified judges who wish to improve their knowledge and understanding of judging aerobatic flying. The curriculum is less formal than that of the Introductory seminar, in order to encourage open discussion of the more subtle and less explicit judging criteria. For certified judges, attendance at this seminar will fulfill recurrency requirements for attending a judges' school as defined in IAC Rule 2.6.3.


Attendees must have previously attended the Introduction to Aerobatic Judging Seminar.

Who should attend this seminar

  • Previously certified IAC Regional Judges seeking to become certified as an IAC National Judge (see IAC Rule 2.6.2)
  • Companions/spouse of competition pilots who would like to learn to more advanced concepts of judging to improve their critique skills
  • Competition pilots seeking a more in depth understanding of judging criteria
  • Previously certified Regional or National Judges who need to attend a Judges Seminar to satisfy the recurrency requirements defined in IAC Rule 2.6.3
  • Certified National Judges who need to attend a seminar to retain their National Judge privileges (see IAC Rule 2.6.3)
  • Current Judges who would like to deepen their knowledge of judging criteria.


Please bring...

  • The IAC Rule Book, available in PDF format (free.) Check the version; the 2012 version should be available in February or March.
  • The Aresti "Power Catalog 2012". The paper version should be available in the Spring from

Materials Provided in this course

  • Course notes
  • National Judge Exam (only for those seeking National Judge certification; this exam is also available elsewhere on the IAC website.)
  • An IAC Judge/Assistant Log