December 17th, Chapter 12 Monthly Meeting


Thursday, December 17, 2015 - 18:00 to 20:30

Reminder:   Chapter 12 monthly meeting is scheduled for Thursday,  Dec 17th at 6 pm.   The location is presently TBD as we are looking for an alternative to the Spirit of Flight Museum for this meeting.  Gordon has business that will likely take him out of town so we are working on alternatives.  Stay tuned for an update by Wednesday on the location of this month's meeting.

Club Business will be:  

Winter-fest Party planning for January 

Status of APA waiver applications - we need to get these in front of the FSDO soon... we are missing our window of opportunity with the FSDO

Election of 2016 officers and BoD

2016 Contest Calendar

2016 Judges School Calendar

January meeting site and topics  

February meeting site and topics

We have the EAA 2015 Airventure Highlights DVD to watch after we finish our business agenda, assuming we find a meeting site with projection capability.   

Stay tuned!