High Planes Hotpoxia Fest

Congrats to all who participated in the recently completed HPHF.  A great event.  Special thanks to Contest Director extraordinaire Duncan Koerbel.  It would have run smoother if he had put in more effort of course (HA HA HA).  It's amazing to see a CD organize and run  a contest from 600 miles + away from the contest site.  Thanks also to DJ Molny who Chiefed the entire contest and to Bwana Bob Buckley for the incredible work done prepping the massive pile of paper required to run a contest.  Thanks to all the Judges, Assistants, Recorders, Boundary Judges, Safety Pilots and last but not least,  Kyle Scott for hosting our club.  

Don't miss the Western Regionals to be held on Aug 20th and 21st at Sterling.  CD Nick Slabokov is directing another great CO contest!   Winners take the official title of IAC Western Regional Champion.