Meeting Minutes: 2010-11-10


  • Thomas Shpakow
  • Tom Larkin
  • Paul Gordon
  • John Blum
  • Brian Cabebe
  • Mike Forney
  • Bob Freeman
  • Tom Edwards by phone

Nominations for 2011 Officers

  • President: Bob Freeman
  • Vice President: Tom Larkin
  • Treasurer: Brian Cabebe
  • Secretary: none

Committees and other leadership tasks

  • Email and web: DJ Molny
  • Membership Director: Tom Larkin (proposed)
  • Government Liaison: ??? will approach Stephanie Wells
  • Photo Day: Thomas Shpakow

Event Calendar

January: Holiday Party, Jan. 15, 5:00; Larkin's "IAC Recreation Center and show home". Will cater again including all side dishes / deserts. (Not a pot luck.) The menu at this time is leaning towards Famous Daves BBQ. mail [at] (Thomas Shpakow) will be taking other suggestions on main dish caterer until December 1st. Need emailed invitations with RSVP request for sizing. March: Advanced Judges School. DJ to teach - need update from IAC headquarters on plans to make on line schools happen next year. April: Intro Judges School. DJ to teach. April/May: Possible mini contest for Primary and Sportsman at Fort Morgan. Owner: Tom Edwards May: Ben Lowell Contest, Greeley CO, Mike Forney CD. Date will be mid-May. The Air Force Academy may also want to stage a contest over Memorial Day weekend, which we would be happy to support with Judges and assistants. TBD if this contest would be Glider-only, or if Power categories would also be offered. Sept: High Planes Hypoxia Fest (contest), location TBD. The airport manager at Fort Morgan is very interested in holding an event there, and Sterling is probably available as well. DJ will research the Ft Morgan opportunity and report back with a recommendation. Date will be Labor Day weekend. October: Lamar Contest (hosted by IAC Chapter 5)

General Discussion

Membership Extended discussion of how to attract and retain members. How to get better communication. Decision to send emails to updated email list. (Note: The easiest way to update is to renew your membership for 2011!) Divide the current roster into chunks. Set up phone tree to get fresh email addresses. Bob to send out parsed out list to meeting attendees. Assignments as follows. Try to make contact with the people on the roster (in other candidates) by alphabetic assignment and get updated contact info. Get Email, Phones, Addresses. Don't give up if the number or email is dead. Find someone that knows them and get their number and call them. You might find a willing partner in your list of names to divvy up your section of the list and divide the task in 1/2. Once you have your list completed, email it to [at] (Bob Freeman). I would like to get this done prior to the Christmas party. It's a good time to invite people as well. Maybe we can add a few more updates at the party. Cabebe: A thru Cabebe Forney: Cable thru Forney Freeman: Freeman thru Kaminsky Larkin: Kane thru Marron Molny: Marshman thru Norris Shpakow: Page thru Sterling Airport Gordon: Stewart thru Weber Edwards: Whitmer thru Zimmerman plus all the newbies you're developing Misc. Paul Gordon plans to become a judge (YES!) Hope to bring Stephanie Wells into Primary in 2011. Tom pursuing this? Suggestion to get Stars patches in advance of contests and hand them out on site when earned. Bob to follow up. Chapter non profit status? Can't remember who took the task to update the paperwork. Someone did. Chapter annual incorporation paperwork - Clyde does this and will again (need to follow up) Practice waivers at Sterling and Ft Morgan - Bob has it and is behind schedule. Hope to have ready for Jan 1, 2011. DJ / Paul Gordon plan to set up an IAC 12 Facebook page. [Thanks to Thomas Shpakow and Bob Freeman for taking notes at the meeting.]