Meeting Minutes: 2010-12-15

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  • Bob Freeman, Brian Cabebe, Dwight Swift, Tom Larkin, Mike Forney, John Blum, Glen Marshman, DJ Molny

News From Members

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  • Brian Cabebe has purchased a Rampage fuselage and is starting work on the project.
  • DJ Molny is busy wringing out (and trying to keep up with) his G200.
  • Bob Freeman is learning tumbles in his G200.
  • John Blum reports that his acro training business is picking up a bit from last year.
  • Glen Marshman just received the Airworthiness Certificate on his Rans S-9 project.
  • Tom Larking is searching for a third location to expand his restaurant empire.
  • Dwight Swift is a new IAC12 member, graduate of Tutima Academy, and owns a Pitts S-2B hangared at Centennial.

Congrats to all!

Calendar Updates

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The Holiday Party date, time, and location are confirmed. Tom Larkin will arrange the catering, and Pam Freeman will handle beverages.

Dates are confirmed for the Intro and Advanced Judges Schools.

Tentative dates remain the same for the Ben Lowell Aerial Confrontation and High Planes HypoXia Fest contests, subject to airport availability.

Chapter Meetings

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New location: Tom Larkin's house, 2975 Piper Dr. S., Erie, CO (map).  Fly in if the weather's good, otherwise drive.  Thanks, Lark!

New day & time: Saturday mornings. Lark will determine whether it will be the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, or 4th Saturday of each month.


  • 9-10am Board & Officers discuss chapter business, closed session.
  • 10-11am: Guest speaker / presentation.
  • 11am-3pm (ish): Critique session at I-25 and Hwy 52 for those who flew in and would like some help from the ground.
  • noon-3pm: Burgers & hot dogs, $5 per person.

Tentative list of speakers & topics:

  • January: No meeting due to the Holiday Party.
  • February: Tom Edwards, Rampage Aircraft. Fallback: work on Unknown sequences for submission to IAC.
  • March: Free Program design considerations
  • April: Mike Forney, spring contest planning. TBD, lecture on how to fly the Sportsman & Intermediate sequences.
  • May: No meeting due to the Ben Lowell Aerial Confrontation.
  • June: Photo day?
  • July: Summer party
  • August: DJ Molny, fall contest planning. Lecture TBD.
  • September: No meeting due to the High Planes HypoXia Fest.
  • October: No meeting due to the Lamar Contest.
  • November: Elections
  • December: Holiday party planning

Status of Box Waivers

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We currently have no practice box waivers in place! The FAA instituted a new waiver application process in 2010, and we're still working through it. So for now, you must limit your flying to airspace that conforms to FAR 91.303. The good news is that the process for contest waivers has not changed, so we don't anticipate any problems there.

Kyle Scott has provided the legal property description of the Ft Morgan practice area. Bob Freeman will forward this to the Colorado Historical Society to verify that the property is not of interest to them (one step of many required under the new waiver process.) Pat O'Brien took the action item to get the legal property description(s) of the Sterling practice area, but has not responded yet.

Spring Contest Update

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Mike Forney reported that the Greeley Airport Manager, Mike Riesman, is leaving at the end of 2010. Unfortunately his successor may not be in place until March, and we're concerned that the new manager may not have the bandwidth to learn the new job and take on our contest planning as well. Mike will monitor the situation, and try to contact someone on the Greeley Airport Board. If Greeley doesn't pan out, Sterling is the most likely alternate site.

DJ pointed out that we need to decide early enough to get the waiver process rolling at whichever airport we settle on. We recently tried to get two separate waivers for the same contest so as to keep our airport options open, but the FSDO was not receptive to this approach.

Treasurer's Report

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Total cash on hand: $6,895. This money is split between a checking account, and two 6-month Certificates of Deposit which are arranged such that one rolls over every three months.

Election of Officers

By voice vote, the following people were elected to fill Officer positions for 2011:

  • President: Bob Freeman
  • Vice President: Tom Larkin
  • Secretary & Webmaster: DJ Molny
  • Treasurer: Brian Cabebe

Election of Directors

By voice vote, the following people were elected to fill Director positions for 2011:

  • John Blum
  • Tom Edwards
  • Thomas Shpakow
  • Mike Forney

Status of the Roster Update Project

At the Novermber meeting, we divvied up the membership roster to about seven people, and asked them to contact the members on their lists. The goals was to ensure that we have valid telephone and email addresses for everyone, and to personally touch base.

Brian has received updated roster entries from Bob Freeman, Tom Larkin, DJ Molny, and Mike Forney. John Blum will make the calls that were previously assigned to Thomas Shpakow, and DJ will call the members on Paul Gordon's list. (Paul sent emails but only received one response.)

New goal: Finished this effort ASAP, so that we can send out invitations to the Holiday Party.

Discussion of Membership Objectives

The group discussed the purpose of memberships, from both the perspective of both the Chapter and individual members. We agreed that the Chapter's primary purpose for offering memberships is to create a sense of participation and belonging for our members, with fund-raising as a secondary goal. We also want non-members to have good visibility into what we do, in the hopes that they will become involved.

To that end, we tentatively decided on the following policies:

  • Most of our communications will be available to both members and non-members.
    • Some web content will be reserved for members only, such as discussion forums.
  • Members will receive discounts on parties, contest fees, etc.
  • New members will receive a "welcome packet" containing things like a coupon for a free contest entry, an IAC patch or t-shirt, etc .

Updates from the IAC Board

Bob Freeman, a member of the IAC Board of Directors, told us that an judges may be able to take the Advanced Judging school via web conference as early as this spring. This is intended to reduce the travel and expense burden for judges who don't live near a Judges School location.

Bob also recapped the status of the IAC Insurance Program. In a nutshell, Berkley Insurance - the underwriter - is no longer issuing aerobatic policies. The broker, Northwest Insurance, will still work with IAC members, but prices and policies will be dictated by the overall marketplace.  A Q&A between IAC Presdient Doug Bartlett and Ryan Birr of Northwest Insurance was recently posted on