Meeting Minutes: 2011-03-12


Attendees - Officers and Directors meeting 09:00

    Brian Cabebe

    Tom Larkin

    Tom Edwards

    Thomas Shpakow

    Mike Forney

    DJ Molny

    Bob Freeman


Thanks again to Tom Larkin for the breakfast as well as use of his home for our meeting.


1) Brian Cabebe gave the treasurer's report.


2) Brief update on waivers:  Bob Freeman

     Jamie Treat says the EPA / FAA analyst has his waiver apps and is projecting 30 days to completion

     Bob reported that the KFMM and the KSTK practice waiver requests have also moved from the FSDO to the EPA /FAA analyst (Caroline Poyurs)

     Since the meeting on 3/12 Bob has had several back and forth emails with Caroline to answer her questions

     Current projection for the KFMM and KSTK practice waivers is 5 weeks putting it late April for target approval

     No issues are expected at this point, but we'll see when they're done


3)  May contest update - Mike Forney CD

     Wheels in motion to move to Sterling location

     5/13/11 practice, registration, box marking

     5/13/11 evening, no plans yet but some kind of group dinner / drinks -- Country Club?

     5/14/11 08:00 briefing - contest flying

     5/14/11 evening, no plans yet but some kind of group dinner / drinks -- Country Club?  Ramada room?

     5/15/11 08:00 briefing - contest flying

     5/15/11 afternoon - awards presentation at KSTK

     Box markers, chairs, registration, coolers, radios, etc... are in Freeman's hangar... need a plan on getting this moved to KSTK

     Registrar - Pam Freeman

     Volunteer Coordinator - Earl Allen?

     Score room - TBD (Gale, Mary, Laura, Marylin?)

     Extensive discussion of glider inclusion

            - Air Force contacted Mike F indicating possible participation of 1/2 of team

            - Directors and officers present discussed inclusion of the glider categories in Sterling in May

                    Tom Edwards to put together a summary of the primary issues discussed

                           - logistics planning timeline in light of last minute move of contest from Greeley to Sterling

                           - uncertain commitment from Air Force to the event

                           - contest operations, number of tow planes, number of pilots,

                    Bob Freeman / Mike Forney to respond to the Air Force request

                           - provide frank and open feedback as to what we need to do get better support for this going forward


 4)   Fall Contest update - DJ Molny CD

       No updates at this time


5)   Judges schools

       3/19/11 - Advanced school next weekend... not sure how big a turn out to expect

       4/23/11 and 4/24/11  - Intro school, Saturday and Sunday as previously planned and posted on the Chapter12 site calendar


6)   IAC BoD meeting - Bob Freeman

      The IAC Board of Directors is holding its spring meeting here in Colorado.

      Meeting date is 4/9/11 at 08:00 to 17:00,   Location is the Hill Top Inn and Guest House (Rocky Mountain Metro airport)

      Meeting is open to any IAC member, however space may be limited,  Bob to check on room to see how many audience members can be accommodated

      Open dinner with BoD and Chapter 12 membership - Gordon Biersch (Flat Irons Crossing Mall)   06:00 to 10:00,   dinner at 07:00

      Bob would like to solicit volunteers that could be available to pick up Directors at DIA and bring them to the hotel and dinner on Friday and to make runs to DIA

             on Saturday night or Sunday morning


7)  IAC Chapter 12 monthly meeting moved from 4/9/11 to 4/10/11 (Sunday)

     To avoid confict with the IAC BoD meeting


8)   Guest Speaker:  Thomas Shpakow - Generation3 Ignition

      Attendees:   Bailey Dotson, Jim McKinstry, Matt Tanner, numerous others

      Very interesting presentation by Thomas regarding his electronic ignition products, supercharging products and the status of his new dynamometer

      Thanks Thomas,  very cool stuff indeed


8)  Critiquing / flying:

      Larkin, Freeman, Edwards  all flew

      Forney & Molny provided ground critique / feedback


9)  Lies, lies and more lies

      After flight burgers/dogs and flying tales...