Meeting Minutes - 2012-08-11


This meeting marked the first time we used the facility at the Spirit of Flight Center, graciously provided by Gordon Page. We sat out on the back patio, talked a little business, talked a lotta bull, grilled some burgers, and generally had a good time. We will be back there for our October meeting.


DJ Molny, Mike Montoya, Bill Kendall, Doug Jardine, Tom Edwards, Kris Kendall, Tom Larkin, Brian Cabebe, Jim McKinstry, Gail Schipper, and Doedo Schipper.


We were pleased to welcome two new faces: Mike Montoya and Doug Jardine.

Mike flies for United and owns an open-cockpit Acroduster that he's kept at LMO for several years. He recently moved from Summit County down to the Denver area, so it's a whole lot easier to go flying now. Mike used to teach at Debby Rihn-Harvey's school in La Porte, TX.

Doug is an airshow pilot who recently relocated his family from California to a rented house on Erie Airpark. His plane is the only Sbach 342 in the U.S., a beautiful, curvy, lightweight carbon machine with an IO-580 up front. Doug plans to compete in Unlimited as well as flying airshows.

2013 Contests

We talked about the 2012 contest schedule, and decided the contests could be spaced a little farther apart. And in keeping with last year's poll, we have decided to schedule our contests only on non-holiday weekends.

The tentative date for the Ben Lowell Aerial Confrontation is May 4-5 in Sterling, CO (KSTK). (We looked at May 12th, but that's Mother's Day. Don't mess with Mom!)

The tentative date for the High Planes HotPoxia Fest is July 20th, also at STK.

Upcoming Events

Critique Day, Sept. 8th, 9am - noon.

No chapter meeting in September due to the Rocky Mountain Oyster Invitational, Sept. 15-16, in Lamar, CO.

Our next chapter meeting will be October 13th (details).