Meeting Minutes - 2012-10-13

We met at the Spirit of Flight Center museum, graciously provided by Gordon Page. Although the cold rain mostly kept us indoors, the smell of grilling burgers was enough to entice the crowd outside at lunch time. Needless to say there was no acro critiquing.


DJ Molny, Chris Leach, Thomas Shpakow, Tom Larkin, Doug Jardine, Brian Cabebe, Pat Fogarty, Cody Hale. And I feel like I'm forgetting somebody... if so, my apologies!


Treasurer Brian Cabebe reported that we have approximately $6,900 in cash on hand, with no change over the past two months.

2013 Contests

After extensive discussion, we decided to pursue the Air Force Academy's offer to host the Ben Lowell Aerial Confrontation. DJ will discuss the dates, Contest Director selection, and paperwork for civilian pilots with Mark Matticola. We will look for a firm commitment from the Academy by the end of January; if that doesn't materialize, or if something comes along later to kibosh the event, Sterling will be the alternate site.

The tentative date for the High Planes HotPoxia Fest is July 20th, at STK. DJ will recruit a volunteer for Contest Director.

Holiday Party

Tom Larkin has generously offered the use of his house for the party. Date: Saturday Jan. 26th.

Election of Officers

It's time to start thinking about who will represent the chapter in 2013. DJ will publicize the nomination and election process.

Judges School

John Blum reports that the meeting rooms at Western Air are no longer available. Chris Leach offered the use of his law firm's facilities in downtown Denver. Barring a superior offer (which is hard to imagine!), that's probably the direction in which we will go.

Next Meeting

Our next chapter meeting will be November 17th (details) -- not the 10th as previously advertised.