MSU Denver & CNCC at Front Range

MSU Denver & CNCC (Colorado Northwestern Community College) set up shop at Front Range

The relationship between MSU Denver and CNCC just got closer.  Originating about four years ago the arrangement simply allowed students from both schools to enroll in classes at either institution while gaining flight training at a rate 10 to 15 percent lower than that of a traditional flight school. Much of that training, though, had to be performed at Rangely Airport, which houses CNCC's flight program and is a five-hour drive from Denver. CNCC now has some of their fleet at Front Range for use by MSU Denver pilots.The enhanced agreement opens another, much-closer airport for Denver-area students enrolled in MSU Denver's aviation program.  The number of flight hours required to get an ATP are reduced from 1,500 hours to 1,250 hours, assuming certain standards are met.

The launch of the program was held on October 4, 2018 at the Front Range airport with MSU, CNCC, and local aviation leaders. CNCC's Mr. David Boles  & MSU Denver's Dr. Jeff Forrest are pictured in front of one of CNCC's 172s.  IAC Chapter 12 pilots Greg Allyn, Jon Apfelbaum, Vibeke Gaard and Duncan Koerbel provide air support for the event offering rides to help build enthusiasm for the program.

Mark (Lockheed) with Dagmar watch Greg preflight

Jeff (MSU) and David (CNCC)

"..and then we go upside down!" explains Dunc to MSU President Davidson

Vibeke helps ready the right seat

Jeff and Dagmar