Operation Rudolph - CANCELLED

Hi Fellow Pilots and Friends,

It is with a very heavy heart that I am announcing Operation Rudolph has been cancelled. The lawyers and board at the organization that was supporting the foster children decided they did not want the liability and exposure, despite the fact that they sent out certificates to 50 children for Christmas. Needless to say, I feel horrible for the kids, whom I'm sure have already had enough disappointments in their lives.

Gordon Page has graciously offered to still open his Spirit of Flight Museum for the kids, and I will work to make this happen and get some "cool" static displays to make it even better. I may be calling on a few of you to help make this a bigger success.

However, as far as the Young Eagles portion goes, we will regretfully not need your support....this time. I will continue to work all angles to reach these and other children that need our help and to inspire them by exposing them to wonderful people like you. Just so you know, we already had 16 planes and pilots lines up...and most people told me I couldn't get 10. It is all of you that I have to thank!

Please pass this message to any and all organizations that you helped me contact, to include the EAA Chpt 43, the IAC 12, all the flight schools, and the FBO's up and down the front range.

In a world of self-centered and inwardly focused people, you...my friends...are a shining example of what makes me proud to be an American and a pilot!

Thank you again for your outpouring of support. I will call again.........Tom Larkin