Stuff For Sale Just In Time for XMAS

Tom Larkin has some things he'd like to sell and jus in time for XMAS to yourself or someone else.

Air Compressor: virtually brand new  about 7 months ago. I now have the power for a 220V compressor, so I'm looking to sell my 120V one.  It's the biggest 120V compressor made, works great, I'm selling to a fellow IAC member for only $375 OBO.

Also, I have the heater control box I bought for my plane that was never used. (I had to use a different one for my final fitting).  Great for any small acro plane on a cold day.  My entire system weighs under 1 lb, but it's nice and warm!  Spruce sells for $96, I'll sell for $70 OBO.
Thanks.  Lark
tlarkfamily [at]

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