Thanks Doug Lovell!

A big "thank you" to Doug Lovell who served as IAC Chapter 12’s President these past two years!  Doug is off pursuing new adventures in Uruguay and we are thankful for his stint as President and his enthusiasm!

We recently reached out to the paid members on our membership list to propose we refresh the leadership for the club.  Unanimously the members approved a new Board of Directors (BoD) consisting of 5 members.  Our founding charter calls for 3-5 members on the BoD. We proposed and ratified the approach for the BoD that includes the President, the Treasurer, the President Elect and two members at large elected annually. Duncan Koerbel will serve as President through the end of 2018.  Jim Murray has volunteered to pick it up in 2019. Pat Fogarty continues to serve as treasurer and Mike Arensmeyer and James Grenfell are the two at large elected member’s for 2018. See the About Us tab in the website.