Meeting Minutes: 2011-12-10

Intro Election Results • Party Plans • May Contest • July Contest



The December chapter meeting was held on Sat. 12/10 at Tom Larkin's Home for Wayward Pilots.

Officers and Directors in attendance: Tom Larkin, DJ Molny, Brian Cabebe, Mike Forney, Tom Edwards
Members in attendance: Bill Kendall, Bailey Dotson, Suzanne Chance, JD Whitney
(Apologies if I've forgotten anyone!)

Election Results

2012 Officers:

  • DJ Molny, President and Webmaster
  • Tom Larkin, VP
  • Brian Cabebe, Treasurer
  • Dagmar Kress, Membership Chair

2012 Directors:

  • Thomas Shpakow
  • Tom Edwards
  • Dagmar Kress
  • Bob  Freeman

Party Plans

No changes to the basic plan (click here for details.) $20pp for members, $25pp for non-members, $10 for kids. We will offer/solicit/extort membership renewals at the door.

DJ will send out electronic party invitations to everyone on the chapter mailing list.

May Contest

A delegation met with the Greeley airport management to discuss the possibility of holding the May contest there. Bottom line: They are not interested at this point in time. We will talk to them again next year to see if anything has changed. Therefore the May contest -- officially the "Ben Lowell Aerobatic Confrontation" -- will be held at Sterling. Click here for details.

Mike Forney is the Contest Director, and DJ Molny will apply for the FAA waiver. 

July Contest

This contest will also be held in Sterling.  Dagmar Kress is the Contest Director, and DJ Molny will apply for the FAA waiver.

Bob Freeman dubbed this contest the High Planes HypoXia Fest, as a tweak to those amongst our low-altitude brethren who fear to fly where the air is then. Tom Edwards has re-christened it the Hot-Poxia Fest, in recognition of July temperatures.