We are the Denver-area chapter of the International Aerobatic Club, a division of the Experimental Aircraft Association. Our members come from all along the Front Range from Ft. Collins to Colorado Springs, as well as from neighboring states. RMAC's goal is safety above all else. We share a love of aerobatic flying, whether for personal enjoyment, the precise demands of competition, or working on the sidelines as judges and support personnel at contests. Our activities fall into three main categories:

  • Competition
  • Recreational flying, including critique and practice days
  • Group meetings and social events

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(Post-)Holiday Party

After the dust settles from the Christmas/New Year whirlwind, take a deep breath, relax, and come hang out with your friends and fellow acro enthusiasts for a mellow evening of food, drinks, and camaraderie. Everything is catered, just bring yourselves.

This weekend: Final Colorado Contest of 2011!

Hi All.

Please don't forget the upcoming contest at Lamar.  Turnout for our HypoxiaFest was a bit on the low side due to a combination of issues with aircraft mechanicals, people medicals, conflicting obligations and such.  It would be great to wrap up this contest year with a big turnout at Lamar.  Bob Buckly has sent out several reminders but I'm here to do it again.  The contest is well run and a bunch of fun.  What more excuse could you need given the unbelievable flying weather we've been having.?

Fly safe,

Bob Freeman


IAC Achievement Awards

Hi all,

Here is an update from Lorrie Penner, chairperson for the IAC Achievement Awards program.  She forwarded this note to the chapter presidents and I thought maybe you'd like to see this info as well, so here it is.

Fly safe,
Bob Freeman


HypoXia Fest Wrap-up

The High Planes HypoXia Fest went off without a hitch thanks to able volunteeres, great weather, and enthusiastic pilots!

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We were pleased to host two first-time competitors, Kevin Cloak (Pitts S-2C) and Dwight Swift (Pitts S-2B.) They both flew quite well, and were a pleasure to watch.  Kevin and Dwight base at Centennial Airport, and we had at least five competitors from there. Better yet, a few of their friends and family came to watch, and one or two might just compete in the October contest.

Greg Baker flew in Intermediate for the first time, and Matt Tanner flew his first Advanced competition. Both did well, although Matt missed a roll and so fell victim to some wrong-direction zeroes.

After battling tire and brake issues, the father-son team of Doug and Nick Merrill campaigned their Edge 540T quite successfully in Sportsman, taking 2nd and 1st place, respectively. Move up, Nick!

Sergei Boriak, former World Champion and renowned coach, discovered a wonderful steak house in the tiny town of Granada, CO which we patronized several times. Sergei also agreed to fly Unlimited in Dagmar Kress' Extra 330SR -- I know, a big sacrifice, right??  It was a treat having him at our event.  Speaking of Dagmar, she's dialing in the Extra and starting to look pretty comfortable with Unlimited flying once again.

Scott Poehlmann few in from El Paso, TX and New Mexico was well represented by Gary Dawson, Keith Clark, and Jack Keiser.



  Pilot IAC Number Chapter Make Model NNumber Known Freestyle Unknown1 Unknown2 Total %pp
1 Nick Merrill 435106 12 Zivko Edge 540T N425M 1072.17 1131.00 1128.50 0.00 3331.67 83.50%
2 Douglas Merrill 19741 12 Zivko Edge 540T 425NM 1075.42 1083.83 1072.67 0.00 3231.92 81.00%
3 Clyde Cable 7737 12 Van's RV8 813CC 1094.75 976.50 1114.00 0.00 3185.25 79.83%
4 Kevin Cloak 1071571 12 Aviat Pitts S2C 114RM 1091.33 1057.17 995.67 0.00 3144.17 78.80%
5 Keith Clark 432037   Christen Eagle 2 80BH 1033.50 1005.83 930.17 0.00 2969.50 74.42%
6 Dwight Swift 434755 12 Aviat Pitts S2B 5351N 207.83 1078.33 1050.17 0.00 2336.33 58.55%
  Pilot IAC Number Chapter Make Model NNumber Known Freestyle Unknown1 Unknown2 Total %pp
1 John Keiser 20554 47 Sukhoi 26MX 92SU 1630.17 1673.33 1446.00 0.00 4749.50 82.03%
2 Gregory Baker 24131 5 Aviat Pitts S2C 19FC 1456.50 1684.92 1266.67 0.00 4408.08 76.13%
  Pilot IAC Number Chapter Make Model NNumber Known Freestyle Unknown1 Unknown2 Total %pp
1 Gary Dawson 22495   Rebel   13ZE 2231.00 2544.83 1754.33 0.00 6530.17 75.41%
2 DJ Molny 25097 12 Giles G200 220DJ 2051.50 2584.00 1663.83 0.00 6299.33 72.74%
3 Scott Poehlmann 25179 122 Yakovlev Yak 55M 155YK 1976.33 2522.83 1308.33 0.00 5807.50 67.06%
4 Matthew Tanner 434461 5 & 12 Laser Z300 1GZ 2040.67 110.00 1938.33 0.00 4089.00 47.22%
  Pilot IAC Number Chapter Make Model NNumber Known Freestyle Unknown1 Unknown2 Total %pp
1 Sergei Boriak 21903 12 Extra 300SR 60DK 2713.75 3726.00 3395.67 0.00 9835.42 83.28%
2 Dagmar Bassett 17721 12 Extra 300SR 60DK 2465.42 3406.17 2990.17 0.00 8861.75 75.04%


Contest Director DJ Molny
Assistant CD Jamie Treat
Volunteer Coordinator Clyde Cable
Registration & Clipboards Pam Freeman
Scoring & Treasurer Brian Cabebe
Food & Beverages Mike Forney
Tom Larkin
Chief Judges "Bwana" Bob Buckley
Mike Forney
Line Judges Jamie Treat
Betty Stewart
Bob Freeman
Mike Forney
Bob Buckley
DJ Molny
Assistants Brian Cabebe
Jack Keiser
Tom Larkin
Starters Clyde Cable
Bob Freeman
CJ Asst. & Runner Sam Freeman
Trophies Thomas Shpakow

Other Acknowledgments

A great big THANK YOU to David Payne and Chris from Lamar Flying Service for their hospitality, hangars, quick repairs, tool loans, and many many small refuelings!

Dagmar provided all of the competitors and volunteers with custom T-shirts, featuring a certain zippy little monoplane on the back. Thank you so much!

We had a ton of non-flying volunteers -- listed above -- and it would not have been possible to operate the contest without them. It takes a special love for the sport to spend one's own time and money just to help other people fly. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

October Contest

IAC Chapter 5 (Colorado Springs) is hosting their annual contest just a few weeks from now in Lamar, Oct. 7-9; click here for details.

Training Opportunity w/Sergei Boriak

From Dagmar Kress:

Sergei Boriak will be coming to town the week before the Labor day contest, looks like he'll be in Lamar the weekend before (27th and 28th of August) all the way through the contest.   Let me know if you are interested in participating.  This is NOT a VIP session, anybody is welcome (there were some misconceptions about that last time...). My number is 303-887-4473.  Thanks!!!


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