We are the Denver-area chapter of the International Aerobatic Club, a division of the Experimental Aircraft Association. Our members come from all along the Front Range from Ft. Collins to Colorado Springs, as well as from neighboring states. RMAC's goal is safety above all else. We share a love of aerobatic flying, whether for personal enjoyment, the precise demands of competition, or working on the sidelines as judges and support personnel at contests. Our activities fall into three main categories:

  • Competition
  • Recreational flying, including critique and practice days
  • Group meetings and social events

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Advanced Judges School - 2016

Existing judges are invited to join us for Advanced Aerobatic Judging on April 2nd. As the name suggests, this course offers more advanced topics including Chief Judge responsibilities and more time for in-depth conversations about real-life situations on the judging line.

Cost: FREE! We truly appreciate everyone who dedicates their time to learning about competition aerobatics, becoming a judge, and honing their skills.

Map: https://goo.gl/maps/XWMZHjraFeQ2

Intro to Aerobatic Judging - Englewood CO - 2016

Join us for Intro to Aerobatic Judging, March 5-6. This is a two-day class for aspiring judges and for pilots who want to learn about how their maneuvers are graded. The second day also serves as a recurrency session for existing judges.

Full details at: https://www.iac.org/school/2016-introduction-aerobatic-judging-englewood-co


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