We are the Denver-area chapter of the International Aerobatic Club, a division of the Experimental Aircraft Association. Our members come from all along the Front Range from Ft. Collins to Colorado Springs, as well as from neighboring states. RMAC's goal is safety above all else. We share a love of aerobatic flying, whether for personal enjoyment, the precise demands of competition, or working on the sidelines as judges and support personnel at contests. Our activities fall into three main categories:

  • Competition
  • Recreational flying, including critique and practice days
  • Group meetings and social events

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Online Judges School - March 6-7, 2021

In light of the pandemic, IAC is offering a two-day online school with multiple instructors for both aspiring and returning judges.  They will use EAA's webinar technology (GoToMeeting) because it's reliable, fairly easy to use, and can handle a large audience. You will need to preregister for both days.

More details and registration links can be found at: https://www.iac.org/school/2021-intro-to-aerobatic-judging-sessions-12-t...

Time to Put Out the Box - 10AM Wednesday, July 10

It is time to make the trek to the 'High Planes' of Fort Morgan to put the box up for the 2019 High Planes Hotpoxia Fest  to be held July 12-14, 2019.  Bring some water and your boots.  We will provide the rest.  We need 8 volunteers.

Call or text Duncan Koerbel at 720 250 8442 with questions. 

We will deploy two teams at 10:00 AM from FMM FBO on Wednesday July 10, 2019.  See you there.

Ben Lowell: Driving & Landing Instructions (REVISED)

May 30th update: New driving instructions appear below.

All pilots flying into the Air Force Academy:

  • Please read the first attached PDF file for arrival instructions. The process is fairly straightforward but must be followed or you won't be allowed to land.
  • Please note your PPR number on the second attachment. You must include that in the Remarks section of your flight plan. (Sorry it's a bit of an eye chart; use your PDF reader's zoom function to make the text large enough to read.)



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